We predominantly use premium medite mdf and responsibly sourced baltic birch ply hardwood along with many variations of acrylic. We can cut up to 18mm in thickness.
As with all wooden/MDF (not acrylic) lasered products there will be an element of burn to the edges, this is unavoidable. Any odour from the lasering should diminish quickly. The products can be painted or decoupaged and of course can be used in their natural state as many people prefer. The lasered edges and backs may require a light sand if you want to use the product in their natural state but we do not sand them before sending out.

We use predominently high quality Medite MDF and responsibly sourced Baltic Birch Ply Hardwood. We do also use other woods such as Pine, Oak and Beech.

Metal – We use several different metals to mark (engrave) the surface to change the appearance. Take a look on our metal marking page.

Glass – We can engrave onto glass to make that gift extra special.

Acrylic- This is one of the materials that we use frequently, We use several different sizes and colours which allow us to create that bespoke looking product.